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Relating to Rheum (rhubarb).
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These terranes are considered far-travelled allochthonous units emplaced during the closure of the Rheic Ocean, in the last stages of the Pangea assembly.
Mineralogic evidences of a mid-Paleozoic tectonothermal event in the Zonguldak terrane, northwest Turkey: implications for the dynamics of some Gondwana-derived terranes during the closure of the Rheic Ocean.
the main continent during the opening of the Rheic Ocean (Abati et al., 1999, 2007; Gomez Barreiro et al.
Hamilton, M.A., and Murphy, J.B., 2004, Tectonic significance of a Llanvirn age for the Dunn Point volcanic rocks, Avalon terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada: implications for the evolution of the Iapetus and Rheic oceans: Tecronophysics, v.
Early Ordovician rifting of Avalonia and birth of the Rheic Ocean: U-Pb detrital zircon constraints from New-foundland.
More recently, Roscher and Schneider (2006) synthetized the climate setting of the Late Carboniferous and Permian, considering some major geodynamic aspects such as the closure of the Rheic ocean.
3), which was thus expanding oceanwards with time (van Staal et al., 1998; Waldron and van Staal, 2001 and references therein), whereas the Alleghenian orogeny was due to continent collision during final closure of the Rheic Ocean.
1 and 2) during closure of the Iapetus and Rheic oceans, through the sequential "docking' of land masses onto the Laurentian margin of ancestral North America (Barr and Raeside 1989; White et al.
As the reconstruction of the Rheic Ocean and the extent of its shallow marine margins show (Scotese 2002; Marshall et al.