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1. To return to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief.
2. To undergo genetic reversion.
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(re-vert') [L. revertere, to turn back]
To return to an earlier state or condition.
See: reversion; revertant
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Patient discussion about revert

Q. Could it revert back to my mom? If yes, how to deal with it? my mom’s lump is removed, chemotherapy is just over and she is getting well. My mom is a tea and coffee lover. But with doctors advice she did cut down on tea/coffee say once in a week. Could it revert back to my mom? If yes, how to deal with it?

A. Tea and coffee do not have any impact on the breast cancer recurrence. Caffeine in the coffee needs to be monitored as it increases some symptoms for breast lumps which are not cancerous but can increase the risk for cancer. It doesn’t show any link in cancer recurrence. Tea has nothing to do with cancer recurrence rather it is being proved having green tea helps in reduction of the tumor. Your mom can have green tea, if she feels unsafe to have coffee or normal tea.

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