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1. To return to a former condition, practice, subject, or belief.
2. To undergo genetic reversion.


(re-vert') [L. revertere, to turn back]
To return to an earlier state or condition.
See: reversion; revertant

Patient discussion about revert

Q. Could it revert back to my mom? If yes, how to deal with it? my mom’s lump is removed, chemotherapy is just over and she is getting well. My mom is a tea and coffee lover. But with doctors advice she did cut down on tea/coffee say once in a week. Could it revert back to my mom? If yes, how to deal with it?

A. Tea and coffee do not have any impact on the breast cancer recurrence. Caffeine in the coffee needs to be monitored as it increases some symptoms for breast lumps which are not cancerous but can increase the risk for cancer. It doesn’t show any link in cancer recurrence. Tea has nothing to do with cancer recurrence rather it is being proved having green tea helps in reduction of the tumor. Your mom can have green tea, if she feels unsafe to have coffee or normal tea.

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The increasing supply of engine revert is expected to continue over the next decade, echoing the growth in the use of rhenium-containing alloys in aero engines since the late 1990s, albeit after a delay of over a decade.
You press a button to revert or see the hard drive as it appeared at that time.
You can certainly place a SE terminator on your LVD bus, but by doing so, the entire bus now reverts back to SE mode.
Surplus revenues revert back to the corporation and impact fees are held by the trustee until the next debt service payment is made.
The MEPCO authorities also ordered Divisional Clerk Gulgasht Sub Division Jaam Umer Ali to pay Rs 7409 and also revert him by one scale over negligence.
PA) has announced that it is expecting UK inflation to revert in October.
Only a little agile tracker like Jake could slide right up this puppy, then revert the wrong way.
Many longtime fans of Johnson still harbor the hope that the author will revert, at least for another book or two, to telling the poignant and soul stirring prose that boldly introduced him to readers more than five years ago.
But if warm air cools off while it is inside of a wall, the vapor will revert to water inside of the wall as well, and the water will be deposited in an uncontrolled, unanticipated location.
Next year's Heineken Cup chiefs will revert to its 2002-03 format.
In this volume, he considers the ways in which mathematicians approach extremes and how they go about addressing problems of things minimal and sometimes maximal always revert to a shape that gives them the least surface area?
The idea was to see if the virus would partly revert to more drug-sensitive strains during the treatment interruption, in the hope that the drugs would work better later when they were restarted.