reversibility principle

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re·ver·si·bi·li·ty prin·ci·ple

(rē-vĕr'si-bil'i-tē prin'si-pĕl)
exercise science Thesis stating that physiologic and performance training adaptations are lost at a relatively rapid rate when a person terminates participation in an exercise program.
See: detraining
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The principles that are believed to govern this tissue plasticity are the SAID principle, overload principle, and reversibility principle. (4)
The new work is suspended from beams in the roof space by 600mm steel rods, and the whole operation respects the excellent reversibility principle, under which whatever changes we may make in our own time can be changed back by our successors to the original state inherited from our ancestors.
Once optimal conditioning has occurred and further improvement is no longer sought after, the reversibility principle looms, and the onset of detraining occurs quickly.