reverse curve

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re·verse curve

in dentistry, a curve of occlusion that is convex on the upward face.
Synonym(s): anti-Monson curve
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George S., U.S. dentist, 1869-1933.
anti-Monson curve - in dentistry, a curve of occlusion which is convex upward. Synonym(s): reverse curve
Monson curve - the curve of occlusion in which each cusp and incisal edge touches or conforms to a segment of the surface of a sphere 8 inches in diameter, with its center in the region of the glabella.
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re·verse curve

(rĕ-vĕrs kŭrv)
Denotes an occlusion, in which, when viewed in the sagittal plane, the mandibular cusp tips and incisal edges form a convex curve.
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In addition to minimal or no treatment zone on fluorescein pattern analysis, the lens will often decentre inferiorly and there may be large bubbles in the reverse curve. Topographically, a steep, low riding lens will produce either a minimal treatment zone or a 'frowny face' pattern (see Figure 7b).
The Synergeyes PS lens is a hybrid design with a reverse curve RGP centre, which can be very useful in fitting oblate corneas, provided that the donor graft diameter is less than the RGP centre, ie smaller than 8.4mm.
Each base curve has three 'lift' options, which is effectively the amount of reverse curve the lens has, with Lift 1 or 'L1' having the gentlest curve for mildly oblate corneas, and L3 having the most rapid steepening towards the edge, for more severe cases (Figure 3).
Van Cauter noted that sharply rising curves in the prevalence of obesity in the United States since the 1960s mirror reverse curves in the amount of sleep Americans get--the smallest amount in the industrialized world.
"You have to [drive] across your neighbors' driveway to get into your garage, so you have two reverse curves crossing.
Between blue and nickel, it seems any imperfections always show up on a nickel gun--and always in those hard-to-reach places such as the cylinder crane, where the barrel meets the frame and around the reverse curves of the trigger guard.