retrosternal space

ret·ro·ster·nal space

on lateral chest radiographs, region dorsal to the sternum and ventral to the ascending aorta.
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The strong ligamentous structures of the SCJ retain the cartilaginous epiphysis in place, and the metaphysis of the clavicle displaces posteriorly towards the retrosternal space. On standard radiographs, the diagnosis of a SCJ lesion can be missed easily.
The first is mechanical compression symptoms caused by solitary tumor or goiter, often localized in retrosternal space. The second is suspicion or verified malignant process [21, 25-27].
A drainage tube was inserted into the retrosternal space. The ileum and colon were used for reconstruction in a subcutaneous route.
Step 5-X-ray chest PA view, lateral view taken to rule out the right pulmonary artery dilatation >16 mm [characteristic of pulmonary arterial hypertension], lateral view to rule out retrosternal space obliteration [RVH].
Candidates exhibiting a flow murmur had invariably an excessively decreased retrosternal space resulting in a gross cosmetic deformity.
(8) In this report, we present a rare case of a duplicated right diaphragmatic crus forming an accessory retrosternal space and discuss the clinical significance of this anatomical variant.
On the lateral film, the retrosternal space was opacified by the cardiac silhouette.
On a chest radiograph, features of pulmonary hypertension include enlarged main pulmonary arterial shadows and attenuation of peripheral pulmonary vascular markings; enlarged right ventricle may be recognized as loss of clear retrosternal space on lateral chest radiograph.
CT scan revealed-3.6x2.9 cm (ML x AP) sized defect in the anterior diaphragmatic aspect in midline below the xiphisternum through which a approximately 9 cm long loop of transverse colon and mesocolon was herniating in to the anterior mediastinum, causing widening of retrosternal space and compression effect and displacement of heart towards the left with atelectasis of Right Middle Lobe of the lung.
As the enlarged left atrium pushes the heart anteriorly with subsequent dilatation of the right ventricle, there is 'obliteration of the retrosternal space' Enlargement of the right ventricle due to back pressure lifts the apex of the heart away from the diaphragm and causes 'cardiomegaly', which is a three-chamber phenomenon excluding the left ventricle(Fig.