retrospective review

retrospective review,

a posttreatment assessment of services on a case-by-case or aggregate basis after the services have been performed.
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The retrospective review of nearly 105,000 procedures shows doctors found polyps larger than 9mm or suspected colorectal tumors at a 25% higher rate in patients under deep sedation.
In a retrospective review of 28 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who had been treated with infliximab, 21 (75%) gained a mean of 2.
This is a retrospective review of two cases of IFS that were characterized by atypical clinical courses.
Under the contract, APS will perform prior authorization review and associated medical criteria development; long-term care utilization review, including hospice pre-certification, hospice concurrent review and retrospective review of institutional admissions; and quality and outcome review.
A total of 60 spinal cord injury patients are the subject of this initial retrospective review.
The study was a retrospective review of 3,817 prostate cancer screening visits between 1990 and 2000 where both DRE and PSA were performed.
She and her associates conducted a retrospective review of 1,470 second-trimester ultrasounds performed on 1,344 fetuses during a 4-month period.
We conducted a retrospective review of 84 consecutive patients who had undergone microlaryngeal procedures with the aid of the Hunsaker Mon-Jet tube.
It may not be easy, and there may be considerable room for opinion, but the staff must set the limits on what they are willing to live with, both prior to treatment (practice guidelines) and in retrospective review (standards of care).
An analysis based on a retrospective review of 680 microsphere treatments in 515 patients, representing the largest-ever study of patients treated with microspheres, was presented by Dr.
In his retrospective review, he assessed the benefit of MRI within 72 hours of a negative CT scan of the cervical spine in 91 level I and II trauma patients.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Symptoms attributed to intersitial cystitis instead were caused by transitional cell carcinoma in 1% of 600 patients, a retrospective review found.