retrospective payment

ret·ro·spec·tive pay·ment

(ret'rō-spek'tiv pā'mĕnt)
A payment made after an action has happened or therapy provided such as in fee-for-service reimbursement.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Politicians across parties are joining the call for the government to 'Fix Universal Credit' so that people aren't left destitute for weeks and weeks waiting for a retrospective payment or immediately forced into further poverty by having to take a loan repayable from their UC payments which are already at subsistence level.
The program will provide a single retrospective payment and one risk track, with a 90-day clinical episode duration.
Like many modern EBP programs, the APII employs a retrospective payment model, where providers are paid FFS while they oversee episodes, but face reconciliation payments at the end of the year.
At a crunch meeting to sign a contract on Friday, KRW LAW was told there was no possibility that the Legal Aid Authority would provide any retrospective payment for work it has done between December 2014 and February of this year.
"This break in the chain of causation made it impossible for Ms Doyle to recover a retrospective payment equivalent to her sick pay as part of her compensation for her discrimination," he said in his judgement.
Another reason for operations suspension was that the Egyptian General Petroleum Cooperation (EGPC) had halted diesel supply to the company due to its refusal to pay what Centamin described as, "an illegal retrospective payment of EGP 403 million for fuel delivered between December 2009 and January 2012."
Symeonidou said if a charity shop fails to register for VAT, it is liable to "late registration penalty, late submission of tax returns, retrospective payment of VAT on sales that should have been declared, interest and a penalty of 10 per cent on tax due, as any other taxable person."
The acceleration in second quarter coincided with the retrospective payment of pay hikes in the government sector in June.
The agreement also calls for ensuring the right of all contract workers to take the EDL examination in order to qualify for full-time employment; to receive a retirement pension if they fail the exam and wish to quit; and to be awarded the retrospective payment of their salaries for the past three months.
Its capabilities in fraud, waste and abuse and clinical code editing will further enhance Emdeon's extensive portfolio of prospective and retrospective payment integrity solutions.
"There will also be a lump sum retrospective payment - the Olympics can proceed without hindrance."