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Relating to retrospection.
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adjective Referring to the capture of clinical trial data ex post facto—i.e., recalled from a subject’s/patient’s memory rather than being recorded in real time.

Retrospective capture is important in patient-reported outcomes because of "recall bias" and other errors demonstrated in psychological research that have compared contemporaneous self-reported assessments as well as those that rely on long-term memory.
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The HEDIS data set includes questions about how frequently screening procedures are performed, measured either by retrospective chart review, which is expensive, or by data stored in electronically medical records in physicians, offices, submmitted inexpensively to employers and their representatives electronically, right into databases used to compare the performance of health plans.
Retrospective review / As part of its ongoing Retrospective Review Comment Project, the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center examines significant proposed regulations to assess whether agencies propose retrospective review as part of their regulations, and provides agencies with suggestions on how best to incorporate plans for retrospective review into their proposals.
In regards to radiation dose, the dose was three times higher with retrospective gating," said Dr.
LOOK BACK: Paul McCartney in Glasgow, 1970, in one of the photographs now part of a retrospective
31.3% opted for the modified retrospective transition method
Chairwoman Cllr Sue Lloyd-Williams said: "I agree that when I see the word retrospective it does cause me some concern.
Gallup's first measure of Obama's retrospective job approval rating places him behind John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan among the 10 most recent presidents.
Seven retrospective studies had patients with only relapsed Ewing's sarcoma that received HDCT (n = 205) (Table 1).
"Ballenesque: Roger Ballen--A Retrospective" is a visual exploration of his now more than four-decade-long career and represents an entirely fresh edit by Roger Ballen himself and features many previously unpublished images.
This isn't about living space it is about money and, just like the growing retrospective planning permission, it has allowed all types of abuses.