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The act or process of surveying and reviewing the past.
[retro- + L. specto, pp. spectatus, to look at]
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This brings me back to the retrospection observation.
William McCarthy, author of a good book on Piozzi's work, concluded that hostile reviews of Retrospection "laughed Piozzi off the stage so loudly and abusively that in the following twenty years she made but one attempt, and that half-hearted, to send a work to press" (Hester Thrale Piozzi: Portrait of a Literary Woman [University of North Carolina Press, 1985], 53).
I judge motherhood with a big dose of rose-tinted retrospection - that is why I think I'm a flop.
He perhaps recognizes this when he states that there might have been occasion for more retrospection or reflection in his writing, and certainly some general observations on his lifetime work in the field of Southeast Asian history would have been welcome.
It's a 40th anniversary retrospection of a premier label known for smart marketing that also respected the art of jazz.
Such retrospection is the focus of a new four-part drama, Any Human Heart, based on a novel of the same name by William Boyd.
The Middle East holds pride of place when it comes to morbid retrospection.
THE turn of the year always presents an opportunity for retrospection and introspection, and even more so when a new decade comes flooding into the room as the curtains are drawn back.
The retrospection of aquarelle enhances the dialogue of artists from different times and creative systems, and reveals national originality and individual styles.
Now is the time not for retrospection, but for getting underway.
And this is a time for more than just analysis and retrospection.