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The act or process of surveying and reviewing the past.
[retro- + L. specto, pp. spectatus, to look at]
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What both Wordsworth and Heidegger call the "world" turns out to be constituted by "on-site retrospection" (63) that precisely fails to grasp what is near and close by--as in, classically, the episode in The Prelude 6 of Wordsworth's crossing of the Alps.
The retrospection, which covers Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates, includes the following highlights:
The idea that we can have intentions about the past can seem plausible if we conceive of retrospection as a choice between courses of history.
Although the limitations of the method will be acknowledged, the use of retrospection yielded interesting data that can help enhance language-specific interpreter training.
The title "We Wanted a Revolution" might seem to imply a wistful retrospection on the two decades that witnessed the rise of second-wave feminism and the Black Power movement in the US.
The dreamlike retrospection of Jaber's digressive prose conveys his motifs--politics, war, identity, eroticism, romantic love, family ties, grief, sensuality, memory, imagination--by way of a narrator who complains that he can't express himself: "We fell in love, and my mind was running wild, making plans, and running wild some more when she told me (on the upper floor of a patisserie on Mono Street that's no longer there--she was eating ice cream and I was eating cake) that she couldn't see me anymore." Maroun harbors no rage and can't empathize with his father; and yet he avoids self-pity, because he retrieves images instead of evoking them: he makes up by fortitude what he lacks in depth.
The festival will also host MOON cinema, a 72-hour retrospection by French documentary filmmaker Vincent Moon on the musical traditions and rites of various cultures.
The passing of Bowie and Lemmy caused a moment of retrospection at the bar the other night.
AMID THE HUSTLE, bustle and good cheer of December, there's also an undertone of melancholy and retrospection. Another year past.
In addition to free versions, these new are having features of editing tests information, storing them into device memory, viewing lists of tests, and recalling tests for retrospection. Applications are using built-in DB capabilities, and organize interaction in user-friendly manner.
It's a time for celebration and reflection, perhaps a little more retrospection than usual.
"This is not just a moment for retrospection," said Nieman curator Ann Marie Lipinski, a past co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize board.