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The act or process of surveying and reviewing the past.
[retro- + L. specto, pp. spectatus, to look at]
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Released in support of Larson's In Retrospect, a December release from Five Star Publications, the trailer is now available for public viewing at: http://www.
Improvements to the user interface of EMC Retrospect 8.
The release is modular in operation, tied together by the Retrospect 8.
Industry-leading Iomega storage devices provide tremendous capacity and dependability for storing all of a user's files while Mozy and Retrospect Express work seamlessly with each other so the user has both regular local backups of all files as well as an extra level of security and remote access for files stored online," continued Huberman.
In retrospect, we did not fully understand the complexity of ACG, and it quickly became the critical-path item in fielding the first production hardware.
The octatonic scale also seems to be the basis for your hexachord [E F-sharp G B-flat C C-sharp] in Narrative in Retrospect and is used in the Chopin Ballade in G Minor.
Dantz offers several versions of Retrospect designed for different backup needs.
Retrospect eliminates the need to implement intricate backup strategies involving multiple backup tapes, sequences of full, incremental, or differential backups, and constant revisions to backup scripts which traditional backup products require to achieve reliable data protection.
s latest update to its Retrospect backup software for the Macintosh server and client environment adds important enterprise-class capabilities that improves its competitiveness for companies running both Mac and Windows clients and servers.
Faster Performance, Streamlined Workflow, and Retrospect 6 Archive Support
0 of its Retrospect backup and restore software for Macintosh computers.
The VXA-1 solution consists of an external translucent VXA-1 tape drive with an integrated IEEE 1394 interface, comes bundled with Dantz Retrospect Desktop Backup software and is compatible with other Windows backup applications such as VERITAS Backup Exec.