retrograde cardioplegia

ret·ro·grade car·di·o·ple·gi·a

cardioplegia effected by delivery of solutions via the coronary veins.
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From January 2012 we used the modified technique and used both ante grade and retrograde cardioplegia.
7,8 Retrograde cardioplegia through the coronary sinus can be used as additive for myocardium protection during CABG to overcome this limitation of antegrade cardioplegia.
An aortic cross clamp was applied, and antegrade and retrograde cardioplegia was given for myocardial protection.
Kynyly the retrograde cardioplegia, cannula for antegrade selective perfusion.
Diagnosis of PLSVC is usually an incidental finding during cardiac surgery for retrograde cardioplegia, left subclavian vein cannulation for theuropathic or monitoring purposes, device implantation or cardiovascular imaging.
Myocardial protection measures were aortic cross-clamping, cold crystalloid or blood cardioplegia administered antegrade with or without retrograde cardioplegia, and topical cooling of the heart.
Gundry has been the inventor of many medical devices that bear his name, including the "Gundry Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula," a widely used device to infuse heart tissue with preservative solution during surgery.
Kynyly the retrograde cardioplegia, a cannula for antegrade selective perfusion.
The patient subsequently underwent unroofing of the intramural left coronary artery and suture closure of the patent foramen ovale (PFO) using intraoperative cardiopulmonary bypass and cooling to 30 degrees with retrograde cardioplegia every 20-30 minutes while the aorta was cross-clamped.
The system includes four proprietary catheters and cannulae components which provide single step cannulation and arterial return, percutaneous venous drainage, right heart decompression, and retrograde cardioplegia delivery with an unobstructed view of the surgical field.
Lot No 11 - Disposable retrograde cardioplegia cannulas