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Bent backward or posteriorly.
Synonym(s): retroflected
[retro- + L. flecto, pp. flexus, to bend]


A bending or flexing backward. retroflexed, adjective

retroflexion of uterus

A condition in which the body of the uterus is bent backward at an angle with the cervix, whose position usually remains unchanged.
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1986) and retroflexed fricatives also occur in other Mixean languages (Campbell et al.
If a polyp was identified on forward view, the patient was significantly more likely to have a polyp found in a retroflexed view after adjustment for age, sex, and indication (odds ratio, 3.
However, on three occasions, the male chub clasped simultaneously a retroflexed female chub and the stoneroller ( Fig.
Our standard practice is to rapidly advance the instrument carefully through the esophagus and into the gastric cardia for a retroflexed view of the cardia and the gastroesophageal junction (figure 3, B).
On the now widely accepted assumption that Middle Chinese retroflexed dental stops go back to *Cr- clusters, Baxter reconstructs ze as *lrak (1992).
Two complications occurred--one failed entry due to a dull needle and one perforation into a retroflexed uterus, for an overall complication rate of 2%.
Since the dental /n/ was already known to be velarized, and the retroflexed (or retracted) series could readily be analyzed as pharyngealized, Malayalam seemed to have coarticulation added as a feature to some of its phonemes.
Risk factors include the time of insertion, (after the last delivery, abortion, lactation, early postpartum period), undiagnosed pregnant uterus, congenital uterine and cervical anomalies, acutely anteflexed or retroflexed uterus and former uterine operations.
l: 32) noted that in the Nanking-based koine of his day the vowel of shi was nearly the same as that in mi but rather different in timbre from the strongly retroflexed vowel [[Chinese Text Omitted]] of [Chinese Text Omitted] as pronounced in Peking at that time.
w]Vrs-lo- at the stage where the lateral becomes retroflexed by the preceding sibilant; this took place regardless whether the form was then *karsla- or voiced to *karzla-.