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Bent backward or posteriorly.
Synonym(s): retroflected
[retro- + L. flecto, pp. flexus, to bend]


A bending or flexing backward. retroflexed, adjective

retroflexion of uterus

A condition in which the body of the uterus is bent backward at an angle with the cervix, whose position usually remains unchanged.
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Two complications occurred--one failed entry due to a dull needle and one perforation into a retroflexed uterus, for an overall complication rate of 2%.
Since the dental /n/ was already known to be velarized, and the retroflexed (or retracted) series could readily be analyzed as pharyngealized, Malayalam seemed to have coarticulation added as a feature to some of its phonemes.
l: 32) noted that in the Nanking-based koine of his day the vowel of shi was nearly the same as that in mi but rather different in timbre from the strongly retroflexed vowel [[Chinese Text Omitted]] of [Chinese Text Omitted] as pronounced in Peking at that time.
w]Vrs-lo- at the stage where the lateral becomes retroflexed by the preceding sibilant; this took place regardless whether the form was then *karsla- or voiced to *karzla-.