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Bent backward or posteriorly.
Synonym(s): retroflected
[retro- + L. flecto, pp. flexus, to bend]
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A bending or flexing backward. retroflexed, adjective

retroflexion of uterus

A condition in which the body of the uterus is bent backward at an angle with the cervix, whose position usually remains unchanged.
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Note that .s of [section]2 and the retroflexed stops of [section]3 had likewise become phonologized.
In this fashion we see that all the retroflexed obstruents have been fortified in distribution and in incidence.
The postalveolar fricative is retroflexed unless palatalization occurs.
1986) and retroflexed fricatives also occur in other Mixean languages (Campbell et al.
They retroflexed "t" and "d" that sound exaggerated.
With a retroflexed view of the colon, "you can see the bottom and sides of the folds nicely," he said.
The 68 additional polyps that were found with the retroflexed view included 5 lesions that were 1 cm or larger, 3 of which were serrated.
A retroflexed, anteflexed, or medially placed cecum are regarded as normal anatomic variants and are frequently seen at barium enema examination.
Edland and Duncan (1973) provided a classification of motives that included retaliatory abandonment, retroflexed murder, reunion, rebirth, and self-punishment.
However, because the epiglottis was retroflexed, the full glottis was not visualized consistently.