retroflex fasciculus

(redirected from retroflex bundle of Meynert)

ret·ro·flex fas·cic·u·lus

a compact bundle of fibers arising in the habenula and passing anteriorly (ventrally) to the interpeduncular nucleus at the base of the midbrain; some of its fibers bypass this nucleus and terminate in the raphe nuclei of the caudal mesencephalic tegmentum.
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Theodor H., Austrian neurologist, 1833-1892.
Meynert cells - solitary pyramidal cells found in the cortex in the region of the calcarine fissure.
Meynert commissures - the commissural fibers that lie above and behind the optic chiasm. Synonym(s): commissurae supraopticae
Meynert decussation
Meynert fasciculus - a compact bundle of fibers in the midbrain. Synonym(s): Meynert retroflex bundle; retroflex fasciculus
Meynert layer - layer three of the cortex cerebri. Synonym(s): pyramidal cell layer
Meynert retroflex bundle - Synonym(s): Meynert fasciculus
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