v obturation of the apex of a tooth root by the direct surgical approach.
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The removal of two (2) existing bolt-lock main switches CH-1 and CH-2 and replace with two (2) Square-D retrofill Masterpact NW circuit breakers with all necessary hardware and labor for a complete, operable and tested system.
Medium y Large Power Transformer Users List Retrofill & New Installations.
Retrofill is generally less expensive than retrofit, can be accomplished with less dispersion, and is viable when replacement calls for major structural modifications.
With retrofit or retrofill, the owner is responsible for the safe and compliant removal and transportation of all PCB liquids and contaminated materials.
A retrofill service to reclassify PCB-containing transformers to non-PCB status, in accordance with EPA regulations, is offered by Unison Transformer Services, Inc.
Retrofill minimizes PCB risks and is often the most cost-effective choice.
Several factors weigh into the decision to retrofill or retrofit PCB transformers, reemphasizing how critical site assessment is before PCB decision making occurs.
Available options for mineral oil-filled equipment containing PCBs include transformer replacement, retrofill (drain-flush-refill), and on-line chemical treatment.
Retrofill is a process in which PCB fluid is drained, refilled with a proprietary coolant that leaches PCBs from inner components, and subsequently replaced with a final coolant.
These amendments reaffirmed the EPA's belief that retrofill is an effective way to curtail the hazards of PCB transformers.
In addition, the utility announced it will retrofill its largest transformer from petroleum-based coolant to the safer soy-based product.