retrocalcaneal exostosis

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retrocalcaneal exostosis

Abnormal bone growth over the Achilles tendon's attachment on the calcaneus. The colloquial term “pump bumps” is derived from this condition's association with the wearing of tight-fitting, high-heeled shoes. Synonym: Haglund deformity


A hard nodule is present over the Achilles tendon attachment. The area appears inflamed and is sensitive to the touch. Patients often demonstrate hindfoot rigidity and decreased foot pronation. The patient may complain of pain during resisted plantar flexion (e.g., during the toe-off phase of gait). Symptoms may increase when wearing tight-fitting shoes.


Physical agents and anti-inflammatory medications are used to minimize the inflammatory response. The patient should be instructed to wear loose-fitting shoes or open-backed shoes such as sandals, whenever practical. Improper foot biomechanics should be corrected, if applicable.

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