retinol binding protein

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retinol binding protein (RBP)

A single-chain polypeptide glycoprotein secreted in fat cells and the liver. It is a member of the alpha globulin family of plasma proteins. It binds and solubilizes retinol and protects it from oxidation. RBP 4 is elevated before the development of frank diabetes and appears to indicate insulin resistance.
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The RBP7 is a member of the retinol binding protein family The retinoids play roles in vision, growth, reproduction, and cellular differentiation beginning in early development [16].
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A1M: Alpha- ([alpha]-) 1 microglobulin B2-M: Beta ([beta]) 2-microglobulin DN: Diabetic nephropathy eGFR: Estimated glomerular filtration rate KIM-1: Kidney injury molecule-1 L-FABP: Liver-type fatty acid binding protein NAG: N-Acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase NGAL: Neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin RBP: Retinol binding protein UACR: Urinary albumin-creatinine ratio.
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