retinoic acid

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retinoic acid

an oxidized derivative of retinol, believed to be the form of vitamin A that plays a role in the development and growth of bone and in the maintenance of normal epithelial structures. The all-trans isomer is called tretinoin and used as a keratolytic and antineoplastic agent. The 13-cis isomer is called isotretinoin and used as a treatment for acne.
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ret·i·no·ic ac·id

(ret'i-nō'ik as'id),
Vitamin A1 acid; used topically to treat acne.
Synonym(s): vitamin A1 acid
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retinoic acid

1. A vitamin A derivative, C20H28O2, that serves as a regulator of morphogenesis and functions in the growth and development of bone and the maintenance of epithelium.
2. Either of two isomers of this compound, tretinoin or isotretinoin, that are used as drugs chiefly to treat acne. In both senses also called vitamin A acid.
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(all-trans-)retinoic acid

Tretinoin The natural form of vitamin A, which transports monosaccharides in glycoprotein synthesis, as occurs in the turnover of mucosal epithelia of the oral cavity, respiratory and urinary tracts. See Retinal, Retinoic acid embryopathy, Tretinoin, Vitamin A.
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ret·i·no·ic ac·id

(ret'i-nō'ik as'id)
Retinaldehyde in which the terminal -CHO has been oxidized to a -COOH; used topically in the treatment of acne; plays an important role in growth and differentiation.
Synonym(s): vitamin A1 acid.
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Retinoic acid

Vitamin A1 acid which is used topically to treat acne.
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ret·i·no·ic ac·id

(ret'i-nō'ik as'id)
Agent used topically to treat acne.
Synonym(s): vitamin A1 acid.
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