retinitis proliferans

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inflammation of the retina.
retinitis circina´ta (circinate retinitis) circinate retinopathy.
cytomegalovirus retinitis opportunistic infection of the retina by cytomegalovirus, seen in immunocompromised patients; symptoms include retinal necrosis and hemorrhage, leading to blindness.
exudative retinitis exudative retinopathy.
retinitis pigmento´sa a group of diseases, frequently hereditary, marked by progressive loss of retinal response (as recorded by the electroretinograph), retinal atrophy, attenuation of retinal vessels, and clumping of the pigment, with contraction of the field of vision. It may be transmitted as a dominant, recessive, or X-linked trait and is sometimes associated with other genetic defects. It may become manifest at the age of two or three years, or it may follow a slow course over a period of years. There is no successful treatment or cure for the condition. Early diagnosis allows the patient to prepare for the eventual loss of vision.
retinitis proli´ferans a condition that may result from intraocular hemorrhage, with neovascularization and the formation of fibrous bands extending into the vitreous from the retina; retinal detachment may result.
suppurative retinitis retinitis due to pyemic infection.
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pro·lif·er·a·tive ret·i·nop·a·thy

neovascularization of the retina extending into the vitreous humor.
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pro·lif·er·a·tive re·ti·nop·a·thy

(prŏ-lif'ĕr-ă-tiv ret'i-nop'ă-thē)
Neovascularization of the retina extending into the vitreous humor.
Synonym(s): retinitis proliferans.
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retinitis proliferans

The extension of new blood vessels and fibrous tissue following bleeding into the VITREOUS body from the RETINA in diabetic RETINOPATHY. This tends to lead to RETINAL DETACHMENT and blinding of the eye. Microsurgical removal of the whole VITREOUS body together with the proliferative tissue is sometimes successful.
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