A surgical excision of a piece of the retina.
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RD repair was done within 3 days with silicone oil (Densiron 68) tamponade and retinectomy to release the PVR.
Nawrocki, "Internal limiting membrane peeling as prophylaxis of macular pucker formation in eyes undergoing retinectomy for severe proliferative vitreoretinopathy," Retina, vol.
Retinectomy and a repeat silicone oil tamponade was performed on the right eye ten months later.
Briefly, retinectomy at the surface of the tumor was done after total vitrectomy was performed.
Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of primary and redo retinectomy in eyes with complex retinal detachment.
Operative technique included pars plana vitrectomy, proliferative vitreoretinopathy management, use of intraoperative perfluorocarbon liquid, retinectomy, endolaser and intraocular temponade.
Therefore, peripheral retinectomy preceded by endodiathermy of adjacent retina tissue was necessary in each patient to allow final total retinal reattachment at the end of surgery (Figure 1).
(xi) Retinotomy and retinectomy: removal of retinal tissue; location and extent
(ii) Category 2: retinectomy 90-180[degrees], 2 retinotomies posterior of the equator
If retinal attachment was not achieved, relaxing retinectomy was performed after endodiathermy.
In addition to vitrectomy, surgical procedures may include synechiolysis of the anterior segment, cyclopexy, iridoplasty, lensectomy, membrane peeling, retinotomy and retinectomy, foreign body extraction, subretinal hemorrhage removal, use of perfluorocarbon liquids, and endophotocoagulation.
Silicone oil was used in eyes presenting with multiple large retinal breaks (preexisting or iatrogenic) or possible unfound breaks, eyes undergoing retinotomy or retinectomy, or those with residual vitreoretinal traction.