retinal fold

ret·i·nal fold

a congenital or secondary fold, consequent to membrane contraction, producing star-shaped, meridional, or circular folds on the retina.
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There were increases in the incidence and degree of thickened and disarranged retinal layers (retinal fold) and degenerative lens fiber (cataract) in the SDT fatty rats, compared with those in the SDT rats.
The expert specifically stated that Llamas failed to apply laser burns to certain areas, and that leaving active temporal ROP untreated causes severe localized retina traction, ultimately causing a dense temporal retinal fold as occurred in Dominic's right eye.
Previously performed fluorescein angiography with RetCam showed a large avascular area in the peripheral retina without signs of neovascularization or peripheral exudation in his right eye and a falciform retinal fold anchored to the temporal retinal sector without signs of peripheral exudation in the left eye (Figure 1).
She was born with congenital retinal folds and has no vision in her left eye and limited vision in her right eye.
AEVR is a rare hereditary disease that affects retinal vascular development, and can manifest clinically with avascular peripheral retina, neovascularization, fibrosis, posterior pole traction, retinal folds, and retinal detachment.
Born with cogenital retinal folds, Menna has no vision in her left eye and limited sight in her right eye.
They both presented low visual acuity, high hyperopia, macular retinal folds, with the older sibling also having thickened sclera, and optic nerve head drusen [65].
Mutant mouse with this gene showed developmental defects of retina by presenting outer limiting membrane disruption and retinal folds formation, and similar clinical features were observed in patients with crumbs mutation having thickened retina and altered laminar organization showing as immature normal retina (Jacobson et al., 2003; van de Pavert et al., 2007).
Fundoscopy showing retinal folds with retinal detatchment, and no obvious tear.
Hypotony suggests inadequate aqueous humor production and can limit the visual potential of an eye through complications such as retinal folds at the macula (i.e., hypotensive maculopathy).
As the membrane thickens and contracts it creates retinal folds and is known as 'macular pucker'.
At the ocular fundus examination horizontal bands were observed in the non-tapetal fundus area, as well as, mild peri-papillary edema (Figure 1), and tapetal hyper-reflectivity zones (Figure 2) with retinal folds and active inflammation (Figure 3) and inflammatory exudates (Figure 4), which guided the diagnosis of active corio-retinitis.