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Patients with retinal arterial occlusion (RAO) are at extreme risk of experiencing:
Reports of retinal arterial occlusion (2), (3) and venous occlusion (4-9) in cases with ET are rare.
A PubMed search showed that only 2 cases of retinal arterial occlusion associated with ET have been published (2), (3).
Vasospasm induced by either a migraine or cocaine use has also been linked to retinal arterial occlusion.
In contrast to patients with retinal arterial occlusion, those with NAAION are not at an increased risk of early death from systemic vascular disease.
Which of the following statements about retinal arterial occlusions is FALSE?
The incidence of retinal arterial occlusion is estimated to be 0.
Retinal arterial occlusion is characterised by a sudden, painless loss of vision.