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'We are excited about the potential of ONL's Fas inhibition platform to address some major unmet medical needs in retinal disease,' said Ron Weiss, Managing Partner of InFocus Capital Partners.
Gupta gives this example to explain how a rhegmatogenous retinal detachment occurs: "Imagine that, if there were a tear in the wallpaper of your bathroom and it were left unaddressed, over time, as you took showers in the bathroom, the steam would get behind the tear and cause the entire wallpaper to start peeling.
[2] It has developed a retinal imaging device, but also offers the tools and support to enable practices to use retinal and eye health to differentiate and prosper
BioTime's three-dimensional retinal tissue technology would address a wide range of severe retinal degenerative conditions (e.g., retinitis pigmentosa and advanced forms of AMD) through a retinal tissue restoration strategy.
OpRegen is a retinal pigment epithelium transplant therapy in Phase l/2a development for the treatment of dry AMD, the leading cause of adult blindness in the developed world.
'The Apldeap Foundation delivered our first retinal camera outside of Manila to Davos [Davao City].
According to the trial sponsor, UK biotechnology company ReNeuron, pre-clinical studies have demonstrated that retinal implantation of human retinal progenitor cells (hRPC) have the potential to preserve existing photoreceptors, potentially reducing or halting further deterioration of vision.
Optical coherence tomography findings in idiopathic juxtafoveal retinal telangiectasis.
Microvascular occlusion can lead to retinal hypoxia, ischaemia, infarction and neovascularisation.
The retina may become detached because it has one or more holes (retinal tears) forming in the outer part of the retina that allows the vitreous (the jelly-like fluid substance within the eye) to pass underneath it and lift it off.
The patient in this report presented with vitritis, retinal hemorrhages, vascular leakage, and capillary infarct in FA, which were suggestive of obstructive retinal vasculitis due to rheumatologic diseases or viral retinitis.

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