reticulonodular pattern

re·tic·u·lo·nod·u·lar pat·tern

a somewhat netlike chest radiographic pattern, with nodular thickening at the intersections of the lines; a nonspecific interstitial pattern.
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Radiographic features resemble coins or cavitations, whereas CT shows a ground glass-opacity halo or reticulonodular pattern (8).
Chest radiographs typically show a fine reticular or reticulonodular pattern involving the lower lung zones in early stages.
Chest X-ray showed bilateral lower zone reticulonodular pattern. DHS was confirmed based on above clinical features and laboratory investigations.
In our patient, bilateral alveolar infiltrations in basal segments of the lung followed by reticulonodular pattern were registered on the chest CT.
Disseminated pulmonary infection can manifest as a miliary or reticulonodular pattern (Figure 9).
Chest radiograph and computed tomography on admission showed reticulonodular pattern at both lung fields.
CT scan findings were classified as atelectasis, collapse, lung mass, reticulonodular pattern, plural effusion, cavitation, diffuse calcification, patchy infiltration, or bronchiectasis.
The chest X ray may show an alveolar process, reticulonodular pattern, and evidence of fibrosis.
Of 51 patients, 16 patients (31.37%) had cavitary lesions on their chest x-ray, 14 patients (27.45%) had consolidation, 2 patients (3.92%) had reticulonodular pattern, 1 patient (1.96%) had pleomorphic pattern, 4 patients (7.84%) had mass lesions, 4 patients (7.84%) had fibrosis, 2 patients (3.92%) had reticular pattern, 5 patients (9.80%) had bronchiectatic changes and 3 patients (5.88%) had collapse, Graph-2, 3.
The radiograph showed a diffuse reticulonodular pattern worse in the upper lung zones with some pleural thickening noted on the right.