reticulonodular pattern

re·tic·u·lo·nod·u·lar pat·tern

a somewhat netlike chest radiographic pattern, with nodular thickening at the intersections of the lines; a nonspecific interstitial pattern.
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ILD was seen in 6 patients (ground glass appearance in 2, reticulonodular pattern in 2, reticulonodular with pleural nodule in 2 patients), Consolidation in 6 patients (isolated consolidation in 4, consolidation with cavity in 2) and pulmonary nodule in 4 patients [Figure 3].
Chest radiograph and computed tomography on admission showed reticulonodular pattern at both lung fields.
CT scan findings were classified as atelectasis, collapse, lung mass, reticulonodular pattern, plural effusion, cavitation, diffuse calcification, patchy infiltration, or bronchiectasis.
Cystic changes are commonly superimposed on a background of reticulonodular pattern as they become more prominent in the later stages of disease.
The chest X ray may show an alveolar process, reticulonodular pattern, and evidence of fibrosis.
Presence of a reticulonodular pattern on radiology was found to be a significant influence on successful outcome by univariate analysis (p<0.
The radiograph showed a diffuse reticulonodular pattern worse in the upper lung zones with some pleural thickening noted on the right.
HRCT showed changes like reticulonodular pattern, traction bronchiectasis, and honey combing in UIP.
Out of 30 cases Reticular and reticulonodular pattern seen in 18 patients contributing 60%, and honeycombing in12 patients contributing remaining 40%.
In LAM a plain X-ray chest usually shows a hyperinflated lung with reticular or reticulonodular pattern, with or without cysts and bullae.