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resembling a net.
reticular activating system the system of cells of the reticular formation of the medulla oblongata that receive collaterals from the ascending sensory pathways and project to higher centers; they control the overall degree of central nervous system activity, including wakefulness, attentiveness, and sleep; abbreviated RAS.
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, reticulated (re-tik'yū-lăr, -lāt'ĕd),
Relating to a reticulum.
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, reticulated (rĕ-tik'yū-lăr, -lāt'ĕd)
Relating to a reticulum.
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For the reticulated shells, more than 98% of components have sections smaller than [phi]800 x 24 mm, and the biggest section is 2400 x 76 mm.
Mauro, "Erythematous papules evolving into reticulated hyperpigmentation on the trunk: A case of prurigo pigmentosa," JAAD Case Reports, vol.
One case with the classical morphology but with additional apocrine differentiation was considered a distinct entity, reported as reticulated acanthoma with apocrine differentiation (15).
What Caused This Hyperpigmented Reticulated Rash On This Man's Back?
Dermoscopy of the pigmented areas can show reticulated hyperpigmented spots, reticulate pigmented spots, monotonous pigmented spots, reticulated hypopigmented spots, or monotonous hypopigmented spots [18].
The steel used in the entire reticulated shell structure is Q235, and the Johnson-Cook constitutive relation and failure criterion calibrated by the test group as per the test results are taken as the material model.
In fact, two of the species namely the northern and reticulated giraffes, have lesser than even 10,000 animals each.
We aim to study the expression of tissue factor, the important extrinsic pro-coagulant, on the surface of platelets as well as reticulated platelets in ACS patients.
The reticulated giraffe (Giraffa Camelopardalis Reticulata) is the tallest mammal in the world, growing up to 5,5min height and is among the most well-known of thenine giraffe subspecies.
These latest additions bring the total number of reticulated giraffes on the island to 37.
Abu Dhabi - The wildlife island reserve in the national capital, Sir Bani Yas, recently welcomed two giraffe calves bringing the total number of reticulated giraffes -- also called Somali giraffes -- to 37.
Gabby, a 13 year old reticulated giraffe, gave birth to the 5' 8” male calf early in the morning on March 27th.