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(rē'shē-ă, -tē-ă),
Plural of rete.
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(rē′tē-ə, rē′shə)
Plural of rete.
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Plural of rete.
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(re'te) plural.retia [L.]
A network; a plexus of nerves or blood vessels.

arterial rete

A vascular arterial network just before the point where arteries become capillaries.
See: arterial

articular rete

A rete about a joint, esp. a deep anastomosis at the knee joint.

rete cutaneum

A network of blood vessels at the junction of the dermis and superficial fascia.

malpighian rete

Stratum germinativum.

rete mirabile

A plexus formed by the abrupt division of a vessel into capillaries that reunite to form one vessel, as in the glomeruli of the kidneys.

rete olecrani

A network of vessels at the back of the elbow formed by divisions of the recurrent ulnar arteries.

rete ovarii

A layer of cells in the broad ligament and mesovarium of the ovary. It is homologous to rete testes in men.

rete patellae

A superficial network of vessels around the patella; formed by branches of genicular arteries.

rete subpapillare

A network of vessels between the papillary and reticular layers of the dermis.

rete testis

A network of tubules in the mediastinum testis that receives sperm through the tubuli recti from the seminiferous tubules. From the rete testis, efferent ducts convey sperm to the epididymis.

rete venosum

Venous network.

vertebral rete

One of two plexuses within the vertebral canal that extends from the foramen magnum to the coccyx. These retia lie posteriorly and laterally to the dura and between the dura and the arches of the vertebrae.
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