retentive clasp

re·ten·tive clasp

(rē-ten'tiv klasp)
Gripping device on a removable partial denture with a flexible segment to engage undercuts of abutment tooth to help retain prosthesis.
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At the same visit jaw relation record was made followed by try-in and conversion of the same prosthesis into an intermediate obturator (DPI- Heat cure; Dental Products of India, Mumbai, India) with replacement of missing teeth (Fig.5) and minor modification in the retentive clasp design.
Then softened modeling wax (Modeling wax; Dental Products of India, Mumbai, India) with an approximate thickness of 3mm was adopted over the cast and the retentive clasps are added to the waxed up cast which was subsequently polymerized with heat cured acrylic resin ( DPI-Heat cure; Dental Products of India, Mumbai, India) by wax elimination technique.
Retentive clasp arms must be capable of flexing and returning to their original form and should retain an RPD satisfactorily.
The recommended design is a T-shaped denture with clearance of acrylic from all gingival margins and retentive clasps on first permanent molar teeth to enhance retention.