retention time

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retention time (ta)

1 (in chromatography) the amount of time elapsed from the injection of a sample into the chromatographic system to the recording of the peak (band) maximum of the component in the chromatogram.
2 the length of time a compound is retained on a chromatography column.

retention time,

n the amount of time it takes for a vaporized compound to pass through the column in chromatography.
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In order to correlate the dependence of the resulting MDF properties (Y), on both of the examined independent variables, digestion retention time ([X.
HPLC retention time as a diagnostic tool for hemoglobin variants and hemoglobinopathies: A study of 60000 samples in a clinical diagnostic laboratory.
The HPLC retention time for the extractable peak indicates that it has a Log D value estimated to be 3.
61 Table 2 Flow Rate Crude Enzyme Purified mPEG- (1ml/min) D-AAO Conjugated D-AAO Retention Time 2.
In turn, the need for minimum retention time assumes that microbial populations need a certain period of time to modify pollutants (Hammer 1992a).
With a higher concentration, 88%, again all standards elute together but with a larger retention time.
In most cases, the sum of MGT and retention time in the stomach was only 68-99% of the MRT (Table 1).
The Helix Spiral is suitable for freezing and chilling food that requires medium to long retention times, such as ready meals, poultry, pizza, potato products, fish, desserts, bakery products and ice-cream.
As the angle of inclination increases, output capacity of the unit decreases, with a corresponding increase in retention time.
Figure 1--the process of increasing output furfural concentration with retention time of 24 hours in 5 months using the pilot
213 min) was identified as lutein because its retention time and visible spectra ([[lambda].