retention polyp

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ju·ve·nile pol·yp

a smoothly rounded mucosal hamartoma of the large bowel, which may be multiple and cause rectal bleeding, especially in the first decade of life; it is not precancerous.
Synonym(s): retention polyp
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retention polyp

GI disease A pedunculated mass arising in the GI tract mucosa, composed of dilated glands in an inflamed stroma; surface is often eroded, accompanied by inflammatory atypia; all are associated with polyposis syndromes. See Polyp.
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(pol'ip) [Gr. polypous, many-footed, octopus, nasal tumor]
A swelling or excrescence (tumor) emanating from a mucous membrane; commonly found in vascular organs such as the nose, uterus, colon, and rectum. Polyps bleed easily; if there is a possibility that they will become malignant, they should be removed surgically. Synonym: polypus

adenomatous polyp

Benign neoplastic tissue originating in the glandular epithelium.

antrochoanal polyp

A nasal polyp found near the posterior wall of the maxillary sinus.

aural polyp

Polypoid granulation tissue in the external canal of the ear attached to the tympanic membrane or middle ear structures.

bleeding polyp

An angioma of the nasal mucous membrane.

cardiac polyp

A pedunculated tumor attached to the inside of the heart. If situated close to a valve, it may cause blockage of the valve intermittently.

cervical polyp

A usually benign growth of the cervical mucosa.

choanal polyp

A nasal polyp that extends into the pharynx.
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POLYPS: Polyps in the colon, seen endoscopically

colonic polyp

An abnormal tissue growth within the lumen of the colon. It may be benign or malignant. See: illustration

fibrinous polyp

A polyp containing fibrin and blood, located in the uterine cavity.

fibroepithelial polyp

A smooth-surfaced polyp of the oral mucosa, usually developing after trauma to the area.
See: acrochordon

fleshy polyp

A submucous myoma in the uterus, consisting of benign neoplastic tissue from smooth muscle.

gelatinous polyp

1. A polyp made up of loose swollen edematous tissue.
2. A myxoma.

Hopmann polyp

See: Hopmann, Carl Melchior

hydatid polyp

A cystic polyp.

juvenile polyp

A benign rounded mucosal hamartoma of the large bowel. This type of polyp may be present in large numbers in infants and is commonly associated with rectal bleeding.
Synonym: retention polyp

laryngeal polyp

A polyp attached to the vocal cords and extending to the air passageway.

lymphoid polyp

A benign lymphoma of the rectum.

mucous polyp

A polyp of soft or jelly-like consistency and exhibiting mucoid degeneration.
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nasal polyp

A pedunculated polyp of the nasal mucosa. See: illustration

Nasal polyps are the most commonly identified nonmalignant tumor of the nasal passages. They are more commonly identified in men than in women.


The most common symptom of nasal polyposis is obstruction to the flow of air into and out of the nasal passages.


Steroid nasal sprays may improve airflow through the nasal passages. Surgical removal of polyps may occasionally be necessary when medical treatment is unsuccessful.

placental polyp

A polyp composed of retained placental tissue.

retention polyp

Juvenile polyp.

vascular polyp

A pedunculated angioma.
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