rete testis

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 [re´te] (L.)
arterial rete (rete arterio´sum) an anastomotic network of arterioles or minute arteries, just before they become capillaries.
articular rete a network of anastomosing blood vessels in or around a joint.
rete lymphocapilla´re any of the closed, freely communicating networks formed by the lymphocapillary vessels.
rete malpi´ghii the innermost stratum of epidermis.
rete mira´bile a vascular network formed by division of an artery or vein into many smaller vessels that reunite into a single vessel; in the human this occurs only in the arterioles that supply the glomeruli of the kidney.
rete tes´tis the network of channels formed in the mediastinum of the testis by the seminiferous tubules.
rete veno´sum an anastomotic network of small veins; called also venous network.
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re·te tes·'tis

the network of canals at the termination of the straight tubules in the mediastinum testis.
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re·te tes·tis

(rē'tē tes'tis) [TA]
The network of canals at the termination of the straight tubules in the mediastinum testis.
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rete testis

A network of cords in the testicle that canalize to become the SEMINIFEROUS TUBULES in which the spermatozoa develop.
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Albrecht von, Swiss physiologist, 1708-1777.
Haller annulus - Synonym(s): Haller insula
Haller ansa - Synonym(s): communicating branch of facial nerve with glossopharyngeal nerve
Haller arches
Haller circle - (1) a network of branches of the short ciliary arteries on the sclera around the point of entrance of the optic nerve. Synonym(s): vascular circle of optic nerve; (2) a venous plexus in the areola surrounding the nipple.Synonym(s): areolar venous plexus
Haller cones - the coiled portion of the efferent ductules that constitute the head of the epididymis. Synonym(s): lobules of epididymis
Haller habenula - rarely used term for the cordlike remains of the vaginal process of the peritoneum. Synonym(s): Scarpa habenula
Haller insula - a doubling of the thoracic duct for part of its course through the thorax. Synonym(s): Haller annulus
Haller line - a thickened band of pia mater along the midline of the anterior surface of the spinal cord. Synonym(s): linea splendens
Haller plexus - a nervous plexus of sympathetic filaments and branches of the external laryngeal nerve on the surface of the inferior constrictor muscle of the pharynx.
Haller rete - the network of canals at the termination of the straight tubules in the mediastinum testis. Synonym(s): rete testis
Haller tripod - abdominal artery. Synonym(s): celiac trunk
Haller tunica vasculosa - the vascular, pigmentary, or middle coat of the eye, comprising the choroid, ciliary body, and iris. Synonym(s): vascular tunic of eye
Haller unguis - the lower of two elevations on the medial wall of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle of the brain. Synonym(s): calcar avis
Haller vas aberrans - a narrow, coiled tubule frequently connected to the first part of the ductus deferens or to the lower part of the ductus epididymitis. Synonym(s): inferior aberrant ductule
Haller vascular tissue - the outer portion of the choroid of the eye containing the largest blood vessels. Synonym(s): vascular lamina of choroid
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Conversely, the European Association of Urology guidelines [17], which are updated regularly with the most recent version published in 2017, describe that surveillance can be offered to all patients but go further and describe that patients without any risk factors for relapse, described in these guidelines as tumour size < 4 cm and no rete testis invasion, should not be offered adjuvant therapy.
Of the 7 patients with pure seminoma and spermatic cord LVI, 5 (71%) had rete testis invasion, 3 (43%) had involvement of the hilar soft tissues, and 2 (29%) had LVI present at the spermatic cord margin.
Cytoplasmic NIS expression was found more in patients with rete testis or epididymis invasion.
The pathological testicular abnormalities were observed when TruCut biopsies were taken near the rete testis as well as in the testicular periphery far away from the rete testis.
(1997), de los diferentes procedimientos de inyeccion de celulas donadoras dentro de los tubulos seminiferos de un receptor, la tecnica de inyeccion a nivel de rete testis ha demostrado ser un metodo sencillo, eficiente y reproducible.
The proximal ectatic changes in the epididymal head and rete testis are presumed a secondary phenomenon related to pressure affect in the area of smooth muscle hyperplasia.
Microscopic examination of aspirate from the cystic lesion from the region of rete testis in our case, where filarial dance sign was appreciated on high resolution USG, revealed presence of microfilaria and not adult worm.
Next, the EDs is capable of reabsorbing most of the testicular fluid entering from the rete testis. It has been found that more than 90% of the fluids secreted from the testis is reabsorbed in the rat EDs (Levine and Marsh, 1971; Jones and Jurd, 1987).
El testiculo de la baba no evidencia una rete testis macroscopica, pero a nivel microscopico se ubica a nivel capsular, sobre la cara medial del testiculo, con una longitud de apenas 1 o 2 mm, antes de integrarse al epididimo.
Estos tabiques forman de 250 a 400 lobulos con forma de cuna que constituyen los tubulos seminiferos (aproximadamente 840 por testiculo), los cuales a su vez se unen para formar los tubulos rectos que entran en el mediastino formando una red de conductos dentro del estroma testicular, llamada rete testis, la cual termina en 10 a 15 conductos eferentes en la parte superior del mediastino y transporta el liquido seminal hasta el epididimo (figura 1).
(8) The tumour usually also shows contiguous spread to the tunica albuginea, rete testis, epididymis, and spermatic cord.