rete pegs

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re·te ridge

downward projection of the epidermis between the dermal papillae.

rete pegs

downward projections of epidermis lying between upwardly directed dermal papillae

rete pegs,


pl. retia [L.] a network or meshwork, especially of blood vessels.

arterial rete, rete arteriosum
an anastomotic network of minute arteries, just before they become capillaries.
articular rete
a network of anastomosing blood vessels in or around a joint.
blood vessel rete
visible networks of vessels; see also rete mirabile (below).
rete carpi dorsale
a network of small vessels over the dorsal aspect of the carpus in the horse.
rete malpighii
the innermost stratum of epidermis.
rete mirabile
a vascular network formed by division of an artery or vein into many smaller vessels that reunite into a single vessel, such as the carotid rete mirabile (epidural rete) at the base of the brain of ruminants.
rete mirabile ophthalmicum
a small arterial network in the orbit of ruminants.
rete pegs
inward projections of the epidermis into the dermis, as seen histologically in vertical sections.
rete ridge
marked undulations of the dermoepidermal junction; not a feature of normal skin in animals except in certain areas such as the footpads and planum nasale of carnivores.
rete testis
the network of channels formed in the mediastinum of the testis by the seminiferous tubules.
rete tubules
a network composed of tubules, e.g. seminiferous tubules.
rete vasculosa
networks of vessels as in the lungs.
rete venosum
an anastomotic network of small veins.