rete arteriosum

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 [re´te] (L.)
arterial rete (rete arterio´sum) an anastomotic network of arterioles or minute arteries, just before they become capillaries.
articular rete a network of anastomosing blood vessels in or around a joint.
rete lymphocapilla´re any of the closed, freely communicating networks formed by the lymphocapillary vessels.
rete malpi´ghii the innermost stratum of epidermis.
rete mira´bile a vascular network formed by division of an artery or vein into many smaller vessels that reunite into a single vessel; in the human this occurs only in the arterioles that supply the glomeruli of the kidney.
rete tes´tis the network of channels formed in the mediastinum of the testis by the seminiferous tubules.
rete veno´sum an anastomotic network of small veins; called also venous network.

arterial plexus

a vascular network formed by anastomoses between minute arteries just before they become capillaries.