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During the examination, the patient continued frequent retching without vomiting.
Animal showed complete recovery on fifth day with no purulent discharge from nose and other signs like retching and cough were completely ceased on fifth day.
In between bouts of sobbing and retching,Pistoriussat with his head bowed, covering his ears with his hands and a white handkerchief in an attempt to block out Syman's testimony.
If a patient is not properly prepared, stimulation around the laryngeal inlet during a fiberoptic examination or rigid transoral examination can often result in significant and violent coughing and retching. For most patients, correct patient positioning during sensory examination can limit the amount of contact a scope has with the epiglottis.
The problem is my stinking combined with your retching. Even then, the solution needn't be that I bathe.
On some farms an elastic band is put around the bird's neck to stop it retching up the food.
Millie, who, in her initial joy at being released from the car had, despite my admonitions, managed to drink some of the salt water, was retching noisily.
The patient's hiccups were associated with retching and nausea.
When shown pictures of faces expressing various emotions--anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise--NK erred frequently only in identifying instances of disgust .NK also failed to recognize nonverbal sounds that trigger disgust, such as retching, whereas he usually identified sounds linked to other emotions, such as laughter for happiness.
The teams had no contact off the playing field, but with Duke players retching on the sidelines and playing in vomit and feces-stained uniforms, "both fecal-oral transmission and aerosol transmission of vomitus probably occurred," the researchers said.