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n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a person with an intellectual disability.


See retarded.

Patient discussion about retard

Q. This makes me to think how babies come out retarded and what the causes of retardation in babies are. My heart some time trembles when I see some parents dedicating their whole life for their retarded babies whom they gave birth after few years of their marriage. This makes me to think how babies come out retarded and what the causes of retardation in babies are. Is it not in our hands?

A. Hi there,

My opinion is that we are all perfect - just the way we are regardless of whether we are well or ill, beautiful or ugly, nice or mean. There is a perfect balance in the Universe – we cannot have positive without the negative – to think otherwise is to be ignorant. There is no a curse without a blessing nor a blessing without a curse. We are all part of the divine matrix – a matrix of love (as Dr Demartini likes to call it). The reason we don’t see any of this is only because we don’t look.

Please think about your question – whatever answer I could give – it would never satisfy you and it would not change what is.

My personal view is that we don't choose our babies – our babies choose us. There is a reason why 'your baby' wanted you to be her/his parent. Your baby may have ‘felt’ that you would be the perfect parents to shower them with love, affection and patience – everything that a child with autisms requires. Or perhaps, it is something that you (your so

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Une fois de plus, les projets dans le secteur de l'enseignement superieur accuseront un retard pour cette annee universitaire.
La delivrance des cartes grises biometriques accuse toujours du retard aux centres d'immatriculation de Casablanca.
Hier, a l'aeroport international Houari-Boumediene d'Alger, les tableaux lumineux affichant les departs et les arrivees annoncent des vols sans retard de la compagnie nationale Air Algerie.
beaucoup moins que]Je veux etre informe par ecrit sur les raisons des retards accuses dans les operations de dedouanement.
Le directeur des travaux publics deplore les retards que vont connaEtre les travaux de realisation des quatre tremies sur le troisieme boulevard peripherique alors que le retard accuse par celles de Coca et Les Amandiers a ete rattrape.