retardation factor

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retardation factor (Rf)

(chromatography) the distance travelled by a separated component over the distance travelled by the solvent front. Under specific conditions, the Rf is characteristic of a given component and can be used to identify it.
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The disadvantage is that ion exchanges in the soil solution might lead to an apparent lower solute retardation factor.
The markers of each the bio-active constituents were visualized and recorded using UV lamp (wavelength ([lambda]) of 254 nm and 365 nm) and the retardation factor, [R.
During his resentencing hearing, the trial court found Hall to be mentally retarded as a mitigating factor but gave it "unquantifiable" weight, finding aggravating factors that outweighed the mental retardation factor, and again sentenced him to death.
This work shows that retardation factor dependency on frequency can be reduced and the pass-band of system can be extended by using internal shields.
A] Kinetic retardation factor for transport in paint film or gypsum board [c.
in which c is concentration of solute, t is time, v is pore-water velocity, x is linear distance, K is coefficient of hydrodynamic dispersion, and R is retardation factor.
f] is the retardation factor in the matrix due to the sorption, defined by:
Using the principles of the matrix algebra and iterations we can find values of the retardation factor [k.
We compare the behaviour of the EC of the leachate, representing that of bulk solution, and of the individual ions in terms of the parameters of the convective--diffusion equation (CDE), the retardation factor (R), and the coefficient of hydrodynamic dispersion (K).
Considering the set at zero determinant, we can find values of the retardation factor [k.
where R is the retardation factor of solute, C is the concentration of solute in pore water, D is the dispersion coefficient, V is the average velocity of the pore water, and z is the axial distance.
After that we can find values of the retardation factor Kr and frequency f :