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Q. hi my name is ray i am from england and i am on oxygen i am a retainer of carbon monxide do you guys know whoa any place working with stem cell or natural medical emial

A. i had a whole course on stem cell use in tissue engineering and from what i know this is an area that still in research and very little clinical use. the ability to create lungs from Mesenchimal Stem Cells is a far away dream right now. but here are some links to labs that research that area:

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Overgrown trees, broken or cracked brick, stone and/or concrete may undermine the stability of retaining walls and cause damage to property or individuals and result in the issuance of a violation.
For the Second District Court of Appeal, the results were: 90 percent favor retaining Judge Darryl C.
Probably the single most common cause for simple retaining wall failure is the force exerted by water that collects on the soil side.
For example, in an organization exposed to a commodity price fluctuation, retaining risk in insurance exposures when combined with commodity price impact may lessen risk retention, because you could have negative results for the insurance exposures and commodity prices in the same year.
The damage to retaining walls from recent storms should serve as a strong reminder to all property owners of the need to properly maintain their retaining walls.
That right, the IRS argued, resulted in the decedent retaining the right, under Sec.
IRC section 2702(a)(3)(A)(ii) details the requirements for a QPRT and sets forth the rules a taxpayer--as the settlor or grantor who transfers the home to the trust--must follow to enjoy the tax benefits of transferring a remainder interest in a personal residence to someone else while retaining possession of the residence for a term of years.
the leadership and management development company, today announced that Retaining Talent, a blended learning solution suite for engaging and retaining talent, received the highest ranking from Training Media Review (TMR), an independent reviewer of media-delivered courses and technology.
They should question the importance of retaining investment management control over the assets contributed and growing them tax free for the charity's benefit.
Such extensions can greatly increase the cost of retaining the additional information .
Construction of the 1,600-foot stretch of roadway was completed over the weekend after workers put finishing touches on a retaining wall built against the shaved-down hillside, where a dangerous S-curve once existed and often caused traffic to slow to 15 mph, officials said.
But it argued the revenue ruling went too far: Retaining the right to designate another corporate trustee should not be equated with reserving the trustee's powers to oneself