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A transcriptional regulatory protein from Drosophila melanogaster which is required for early embryonic development, especially the longitudinal glia, and which is founding member of a family of DNA binding proteins that interact with DNA through the highly conserved ARID domain—AT-rich interaction domain


kept in an original position when dehiscence or movement to another location is more appropriate.

retained cartilage core
see retained enchondral cartilage cores.
retained corpus luteum
the corpus luteum is not resorbed at the appropriate time in the reproductive cycle and the animal remains anestral.
retained meconium
see meconium ileus.
retained placenta
see retained placenta.
retained testicle
failure of the testicle(s) to migrate out of the peritoneal cavity, through the inguinal ring and into the scrotum before the animal reaches puberty. The retention may be uni- or bilateral.

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Q. hi my name is ray i am from england and i am on oxygen i am a retainer of carbon monxide do you guys know whoa any place working with stem cell or natural medical emial

A. i had a whole course on stem cell use in tissue engineering and from what i know this is an area that still in research and very little clinical use. the ability to create lungs from Mesenchimal Stem Cells is a far away dream right now. but here are some links to labs that research that area:

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Several circuits have reviewed decisions from the Tax Court with similar facts and concluded that the court did not dearly err in finding a retained right of control; see Est.
Yesterday's judgment will affect 18,000 retained firefighters across Britain, who can be on call for up to 168 hours a week.
The decedent, as a practical matter, retained the same relationship to his assets that he had before the FLP's formation.
Retained recruiters generally try to learn more about their physician candidates and their families.
01 of the procedure requires taxpayers to maintain and make available documentation of the business processes that (1) create the retained records, (2) modify and maintain its records, (3) satisfy the requirements of section 5.
A secret ballot mailed in August to all lawyers residing and practicing in Florida asked respondents whether the incumbent justices and judges should be retained or not, and asked that they consider eight attributes in their ratings.
In any case, books and records must be retained, at a minimum, until the SOL expires (including extensions) for each tax year.
The Kimbell appeal arose after the District Court granted a summary judgment for the IRS and denied the taxpayer's summary judgment request over the issues of whether or not the transfer of property to an FLP formed two months prior to death, in exchange for partnership interests, was for full and adequate consideration and whether or not the decedent had retained control under IRC Sec.
This is especially true for tape usage, since the need for tape expands as the users' portfolio of retained data expands.