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Q. hi my name is ray i am from england and i am on oxygen i am a retainer of carbon monxide do you guys know whoa any place working with stem cell or natural medical emial

A. i had a whole course on stem cell use in tissue engineering and from what i know this is an area that still in research and very little clinical use. the ability to create lungs from Mesenchimal Stem Cells is a far away dream right now. but here are some links to labs that research that area:

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Prerequisites for this course include dental assistants who have completed their initial dental assistant training, concluded their 12-month "On-The-Job" training and possess a minimum of 12-months retainability.
Airmen interested in joining the Thunderbirds team must submit a letter of recommendation from their commander, a resume, a 5x7 full-length photo in their short-sleeve blues shirt, a records review, a listing of their last five enlisted performance reports, an Air Force fitness score sheet, a retainability letter and a signed acknowledgement letter.
Their retainability allows 433rd MTIs to step in as mentors to new active-duty training instructors," Captain Sasnett said.
Every day the engineers grade their network on accessibility (whether a call can be started) and retainability (whether the call can be sustained).
Theses cell site locations are able to drill down to dashboards with quadrants showing accessibility, retainability and session quality, plus provide visual readings of additional indicators like peak throughput, congestion or latency readings.
It has water retainability, provides emolliency to skin and hair, improves pigment dispersibility and adds gloss to preparations.