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A transcriptional regulatory protein from Drosophila melanogaster which is required for early embryonic development, especially the longitudinal glia, and which is founding member of a family of DNA binding proteins that interact with DNA through the highly conserved ARID domain—AT-rich interaction domain
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Q. hi my name is ray i am from england and i am on oxygen i am a retainer of carbon monxide do you guys know whoa any place working with stem cell or natural medical emial

A. i had a whole course on stem cell use in tissue engineering and from what i know this is an area that still in research and very little clinical use. the ability to create lungs from Mesenchimal Stem Cells is a far away dream right now. but here are some links to labs that research that area:

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Kings have retained Colin Munro, Babar Azam and Mohammad Amir in Platinum category, while Colin Ingram was dropped one category down to Diamond after he was named as the player ambassador by the franchise.
Fred Matiang'i surprised many Kenyans after he changed his twitter handle minutes after he was retained as the Interior CS.
There was a thought that David Warner and Kevin Pietersen would have been retained as they have been the star performers for the team over the last three seasons.
The Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals retained the maximum five players for IPL 7 before the 5 pm deadline on Friday.
Retain Web Corporate software and supporting database is installed on the user organisation's server and provides a graphical wallchart display of current workloads, enabling managers to book and allocate jobs easily, as well as quickly identify available resources, the company said.
Perhaps the negative psychological toll on retained students could be justified if the results of retention had significant positive outcomes.
The only available insurance required the company to retain a larger portion of the risk through a large deductible.
103 that auditors should retain audit documentation for a specific period--at least five years after the report release date.
2 How could needle-shaped leaves help a coniferous tree retain water?
In general, when an insurance company retains defense counsel to represent a policyholder pursuant to the insurer's duty to defend, defense counsel's primary allegiance is to the insured.
Courts will readily find an implied agreement for the transferor to retain the income from the property transferred to an FLP unless the facts establish to the contrary.
Within the 69 provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley, and its hundreds of subparagraphs, there is a new requirement to store or retain documents: "...