resuscitation equipment

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restoration to life or consciousness of an animal apparently dead or dying, or whose respirations have ceased. See also artificial respiration.

cardiopulmonary resuscitation
an emergency technique used in cardiac arrest to re-establish heart and lung function until more advanced life support is available. See also cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
cerebral resuscitation
treatment to counteract the cerebral edema resulting from low cerebral blood flow and hypoxia that occurs during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
resuscitation equipment
inludes cardiac defibrillator, laryngoscope, endotracheal tubes, tracheotomy tubes, plus the stimulants and the administration sets needed in an emergency.
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No sedation should be attempted without ready availability of essential drugs and monitoring and resuscitation equipment.
He came home with a monitor, a suction machine, oxygen and resuscitation equipment and a positive airway pressure machine.
An inquest held in 2013 was told of a series of errors - including bank holiday staff shortages and staff not knowing where to find resuscitation equipment after Luke suffered a cardiac arrest - that contributed to the seven-yearold's death.
Inspectors said daily checking sheets for resuscitation equipment, fridge and food temperatures, and control of hazardous substances were often not completed for weeks or months.
The root cause analysis revealed a series of errors - including bank holiday staff shortages and staff not knowing where to find resuscitation equipment.
Also our heartfelt thanks for the generous donations towards The British Heart Foundation and Resuscitation Equipment in Casualty, Ysbyty Gwynedd in memory of Bill.
Now a report has revealed staff shortages meant the duty surgeon was at home, junior nurses could not find resuscitation equipment and the emergency team did not know how to use it properly.
This year, a new initiative known as Helping Babies Breathe is being launched, which will teach health professionals in Kenya how to operate neonatal resuscitation equipment that they will also keep for their medical facilities and subsequently train more people to use.
It claims Murray was ordered to drug Jacko to be fit for his London shows and that AEG failed to fulfil its promise to provide resuscitation equipment and a nurse.
All EC resuscitation equipment should be regularly checked to ensure its good working condition; this is especially applicable to defibrillators.
I was extremely interested in the equipment they use, such as the resuscitation equipment.
What are we paying monies into the NHS for, direct from our salaries, if it's not to buy bladder scanners and resuscitation equipment etc; the standard equipment which should have been supplied to all hospitals in the 21st century.