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Repair of damaged body surfaces, such as articular cartilage or skin. In cosmetic surgery, resurfacing of the skin may involve dermabrasion, chemical peels, cutaneous lasers, and other techniques.

laser resurfacing of skin

Use of laser treatments to repair wrinkled or photoaged skin for aesthetic purposes. Carbon dioxide and other lasers are used to remove the damaged dermis and repair underlying connective tissues. Whether these treatments have long-term adverse effects is unknown.

radiofrequency resurfacing

The treatment of wrinkles, scars, sun damage, and other minor cosmetic skin defects with radiofrequency energy. This method disintegrates tissues without the heat produced by laser resurfacing.
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9 million resurfacing contract for work on 11 miles of US 287 between Rawlins and Muddy Gap in Carbon County.
I treated her with a neuromodulator a week before resurfacing.
He added: "After years of campaigning for more than just temporary patching works on East Street in Lindley, I am extremely pleased that full resurfacing works are expected to take place during the school summer holidays.
Councillor Bernie Attridge, cabinet member for environment, said: The high number of roads which will benefit from the resurfacing programme underlines the commitment of this council to maintain the highway infrastructure in a safe and well maintained state.
With a hip resurfacing, the surgeon shaves the femoral head where it connects to the socket and covers it with a metallic cap attached to a short stem drilled into the bone.
The interventions were total hip arthroplasty (replacement of entire femoral head and neck) or hip resurfacing arthroplasty (replacement of the articular surface of the femoral head only--femoral neck remains intact).
Femoral neck fracture is a unique complication following hip resurfacing, with reported rates ranging from 0% to 17%.
When the Telegraph informed the retired printer of the reason for the work, he reacted with anger that money had been spent on repairing the potholes when the road is only going to be dug up for resurfacing three weeks later.
The resurfacing of the 35 streets entails the construction of 87 curb ramps in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
It reviewed 537 hip resurfacing surgeries performed in the U.
Resurfacing, meanwhile, spares bone because it leaves the head and neck of the femur intact.
County Project Cost Arkansas Resurfacing 3 miles on Highway 79 $706,940 Boone Resurfacing 7.