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Repair of damaged body surfaces, such as articular cartilage or skin. In cosmetic surgery, resurfacing of the skin may involve dermabrasion, chemical peels, cutaneous lasers, and other techniques.

laser resurfacing of skin

Use of laser treatments to repair wrinkled or photoaged skin for aesthetic purposes. Carbon dioxide and other lasers are used to remove the damaged dermis and repair underlying connective tissues. Whether these treatments have long-term adverse effects is unknown.

radiofrequency resurfacing

The treatment of wrinkles, scars, sun damage, and other minor cosmetic skin defects with radiofrequency energy. This method disintegrates tissues without the heat produced by laser resurfacing.
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Milnsbridge's Noel Meakins said Kirklees Council has spent the last two days resurfacing half of New Street in the town, a year after they did the other half.
AZEK Resurfacing Pavers are also ideal to transform unused flat roof space into a usable, beautiful outdoor area.
Councillor Bernie Attridge, cabinet member for environment, said: The high number of roads which will benefit from the resurfacing programme underlines the commitment of this council to maintain the highway infrastructure in a safe and well maintained state.
Residents in all the affected areas will be notified of resurfacing seven days before work begins in their vicinity.
Sixty patients were randomly assigned to hip resurfacing arthroplasty and 66 to total hip arthroplasty.
In November of 2007, the senior investigator, a high-volume hip joint arthroplasty surgeon, who had exceeded all operative resurfacing learning curves, transitioned to a new hip resurfacing system (Cormet 2000[TM], Corin, Lincester, UK, distributed by Stryker Orthopaedics, Mahwah, New Jersey).
When the Telegraph informed the retired printer of the reason for the work, he reacted with anger that money had been spent on repairing the potholes when the road is only going to be dug up for resurfacing three weeks later.
Because we had no city money for resurfacing last year, it was a priority this year for the mayor and City Council," he said.
80-percent of US surgeons choose the BHR hip as it outperforms all other metal-on-metal resurfacing devices
Resurfacing, meanwhile, spares bone because it leaves the head and neck of the femur intact.
CONCRETE CONTRACTING: Specializing in Parking Garage Deck Resurfacing, Bridge Deck Resurfacing using the MACBRIC-200 flexible resurfacing system.
The US market for hip resurfacing just got a bit more crowded.