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Repair of damaged body surfaces, such as articular cartilage or skin. In cosmetic surgery, resurfacing of the skin may involve dermabrasion, chemical peels, cutaneous lasers, and other techniques.

laser resurfacing of skin

Use of laser treatments to repair wrinkled or photoaged skin for aesthetic purposes. Carbon dioxide and other lasers are used to remove the damaged dermis and repair underlying connective tissues. Whether these treatments have long-term adverse effects is unknown.

radiofrequency resurfacing

The treatment of wrinkles, scars, sun damage, and other minor cosmetic skin defects with radiofrequency energy. This method disintegrates tissues without the heat produced by laser resurfacing.
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As well as being able to resurface larger areas, there is also a 75% reduction in the amount of quarried stone used on the job, a 66% reduction in the amount of waste taken to landfill and there are 70% fewer lorry trips to and from site.
Why didn't they just resurface the areas that hadn't been done - it seems a terrific waste of money.
About $2 million will go to Newbury Park to install new bleachers and resurface the track and field.
Then resurface with: 1-1/2 thick of either SP or FC -12.
This year, the city expects to resurface 273 miles of streets - the highest amount ever - up from 158 miles in 1997-98.
Essentially, the city would have to resurface 350 miles of streets each year for the next decade to catch up, and then resurface 260 miles of streets each year after that to stay caught up, he said.
2 billion budget to resurface 220 miles and rebuild 15 miles is a losing battle.
Surface Tech has also developed a process to resurface headlight lens covers that have been damaged by road debris, sand blast, and UV damage.
Resurfacing will start next Wednesday (16 July) to resurface a section of the A34 near Didcot in Oxfordshire to improve journeys.
In just 60 days, the company will seal cracks, repair other damage and resurface 34 city roads.
A revolutionary new brake tool that uses a car's own power to resurface its front rotors has been introduced by Brake Tru, Inc.