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Repair of damaged body surfaces, such as articular cartilage or skin. In cosmetic surgery, resurfacing of the skin may involve dermabrasion, chemical peels, cutaneous lasers, and other techniques.

laser resurfacing of skin

Use of laser treatments to repair wrinkled or photoaged skin for aesthetic purposes. Carbon dioxide and other lasers are used to remove the damaged dermis and repair underlying connective tissues. Whether these treatments have long-term adverse effects is unknown.

radiofrequency resurfacing

The treatment of wrinkles, scars, sun damage, and other minor cosmetic skin defects with radiofrequency energy. This method disintegrates tissues without the heat produced by laser resurfacing.
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"Why didn't they just resurface the areas that hadn't been done - it seems a terrific waste of money."
On Dalton Green Lane the proposal is to resurface and reconstruct the road from Wakefield Road through to Long Lane.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), resurfaces bone damaged by OA instead of removing it, then covers the hip joint with a new kind of implant, kind of like capping a tooth.
He also resurfaces knee joints and is starting to carry out similar operations on ankles.
While Redcar and Cleveland Council resurfaces the road, Northern Gas Networks will repair leaks on gas mains running close to the stretch of road between the Skelton Castle roundabout and Four Lanes End.