restrictive barrier

restrictive barrier,

n a temporary physiologic motion barrier that the proprioceptive system produces to prevent muscle damage in a muscle spasm.
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To the northwest, the Highlands have blossomed by overcoming the restrictive barrier of 1-25 and connecting to downtown Denver through commuter bridges and pedestrian walkways.
Workplace accessibility is often the most restrictive barrier that people with disabilities encounter.
More broadly thought of, the term "accessibility" can refer to language and cultural compatibility, which, in reality, may be a more restrictive barrier than physical barriers (De La Cancela, 1985; Furino, 1992; Hayes-Bautista, 1973; Ibrahim & Arredondo, 1986; Marcos, Urcuyo, Kesselman, & Alpert, 1973).
For export to the EU, China and the countries of Western Asia, the document provides for the removal of control and restrictive barriers, partial compensation of costs for certification, as well as partial compensation of insurance of transactions with customers.
He said that there is "a growing need for constant co-operation between countries, opening of new horizons for trade exchanges and removal of restrictive barriers to investments in order to alleviate negative repercussions of the global economic crunch in addition to protecting the region's financial stability.
The International Road Transport Union (IRU) calls on the EU "to lift restrictive barriers on international freight and passenger road transport" and to adopt a plan of action, along with an agenda to double the use of transport by bus and coach "within the next decade".
The source of this reluctance to combine both cardiovascular and resistance work may be due to restrictive barriers, i.
I believe we may have Royal support to re-assess some restrictive barriers facing our ageing population.
Their purpose was to devise a common EU-wide policy which would remove the current restrictive barriers against legal immigration from third countries.
Lamy said there are some countries which are outperforming others in terms of breaking down restrictive barriers and building trade.
Such guidelines can be used by countries to challenge restrictive barriers to trade.
The Canadian Dental Hygienists' Association (CDHA) applauded this decision, saying a new oral health system could be established that removed restrictive barriers for dental hygienists, allowing them to practice outside of traditional practice settings.