restriction map

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re·stric·tion map

the order of restriction sites along a chromosome or plasmid.
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restriction map

A diagram of the sites on DNA that are cut by different RESTRICTION ENZYMES.
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After we virtually digested the complete genome sequence with AflII, we aligned the in silico whole-genome restriction map with the WGRM to ensure the correct order and orientation of the final assemblies (21).
In the first case we show that there exists a closed subset L [subset or equal to] K and a real-linear isometry [??] : X [right arrow] [C.sub.R](L) which extends Q o T (up to a translation), where Q : [C.sub.R](K) [right arrow] [C.sub.R](L) is the restriction map, and in the second case where Y is strictly convex, it turns out that such an isometry T : U [right arrow] Y extends to a real-linear isometry from X into Y up to a translation.
Injectivity of the restriction maps. We need some results regarding restriction maps for Galois cohomology.
For similar work regarding restriction maps, see [8, 9].
Theorem 2.2 ([18, Theorem 3.2], see also [12, Theorem A.4] and [21, Corollary 5.11]) In the presence of Condition 2.1, the restriction map [K.sup.0.sub.T](X) [right arrow] [K.sup.0.sub.T]([X.sup.T]) is an injection.
Restriction map analysis with DdeI demonstrated the presence of at least five restriction sites within the PCR amplicon, yielding fragments at positions 82, 155, 644, 885 and 910.
Additional details of experimental methods and results, including tables of the primers used, exact exon/intron boundaries, and restriction map data, are available in Tables 1-4 of the Supplemental Material and through the Cytochrome P450 Homepage (Nelson 2003).
A restriction map of pO.380 was generated; two restriction sites, EcoRI and NheI, were found to flank the promoter sequence.
induced by the restriction map and in particular K[(n).sup.odd](BG([F.sub.q])) = 0.
The whole-genome restriction map for R1101 was compared with in silico NcoI restriction maps of 33 complete genome sequences from the family Nocardiaceae, retrieved from GenBank; these sequences included R.
the composition of the first two maps is null homotopic for all k, while for k !is grester than^ n, the restriction map induces a bijection between !!X.sub.k^, !Y.sup.(n)^^ and !X, !Y.sup.(n)^^.

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