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The HAdV-4 isolate was genome typed as variant 4a1 by both in vitro and in silico restriction enzyme analyses (Table 2).
Revers 25 bp with EcoR1 restriction enzyme site: Reverse: 5' GAA-TTC-GCC-CCC-ATA-TCC-TAC-TGG-C 3'
It can be seen that the positive control has only one band which follows and agrees with the results of Gatphayak et al [3] who stated that the mutation would render the said restriction enzyme inactive due to SNPC119T.
oxysporum and other formae speciales and the identification of race 1 isolates with specific restriction enzymes (Rimondi et al., 2010).
The restriction enzyme has to be added just once and it autonomously finds molecules which have to be cut.
monocytogenes strains was determined by PFGE of DNA digested with the restriction enzymes ApaI and SmaI, and electrophoresed on a Chef DRII system (Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA).
(iii) Digest pFUSEss-CHIg-hG1 and PCR-amplified [V.sub.H] separately using the same FastDigest restriction enzymes (e.g., EcoRI and NheI) and pFUSE2ss-CLIghk plasmids and PCR-amplified [V.sub.L] separately using the same FastDigest restriction enzymes (e.g., EcoRI and BsiWI).
A DNA and restriction enzyme implementation of Turing machines.
The restriction enzyme digestion of all the PCR products, as visualized in Agarose gel electrophoresis after ethidium bromide staining.
Then introduce the concept that a restriction enzyme works by "chopping" DNA into smaller pieces (restriction enzymes can be thought of as "scissors" that cut DNA).
Restriction enzyme digestion was performed using Sal I, Ban II (37[degrees]C) and Taq I (65[dergees]C) enzymes, each reaction was performed either with 17 [micro]l rDNA, 2 [micro]l Multi Core buffer and 1 ul enzyme restriction (10 U/[micro]l) to a 20 [micro]l final volume.
Restriction digests were performed with the purified PCR product in a 40 [micro]L reaction with approximately 1200 ng of DNA (24 [micro]L), 2 [micro]L of restriction enzyme, 4 [micro]L of restriction enzyme 10X buffer, and 10 [micro]L of sterile mili-Q distilled [H.sub.2]O.

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