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1. the taking of food.
2. the giving of food.
3. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing nutritional intake for a patient who is unable to feed self.
artificial feeding feeding of a baby with food other than mother's milk.
bottle feeding in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as preparation and administration of fluids to an infant via a bottle.
breast feeding breastfeeding.
enteral tube feeding in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as delivering nutrients and water through a gastrointestinal tube.
forced feeding administration of food by force to those who cannot or will not receive it.
intravenous feeding administration of nutrient fluids through a vein; see also intravenous infusion and parenteral nutrition.
feeding procedures in the omaha system, any method of giving food or fluid, including breast, formula, intravenous, or tube.
supplemental feeding a planned additional food or nutrient that is added to the usual diet, often as a powder, formula, or tablet.
tube feeding see tube feeding.
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Giving food or nourishment.
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Vox populi The providing of nutrients, usually to a person or animal incapable of obtaining those nutrients by itself. See Sham feeding.
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Giving food or nourishment.
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Giving food or nourishment.
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Patient discussion about feeding

Q. Feeding Tub. How does the Feeding Tub works?

A. Is it easy to feed someone with a feeding tub?. My husband has cancer and can not eat any thing. The cancer is in the voice box.

Q. I gave birth 2 weeks ago and I am having real difficulties breast feeding it hurts really bad, and I am constantly worried that my baby isn't eating enough. What can I do?

A. if it really hurts, maybe you should stop it for a while (maybe there is a micro/small wound at your nipple). You should cure it first then you can soon start breastfeeding your baby again.

Just make sure you have enough drink, be relaxed while breastfeeding, and have enough & healthy nutrition also!
Stay healthy always..

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This changing of foliage colour under cultivation seems not to apply to our purplish red clone of former Neoregelia pabstiana, which in Australia at least, if given strong light and restricted feeding, is slow-growing but retains it's unusual tints on sub-tubular to narrowly ellipsoid rosettes to 25cms.
The beauty of our alternative broilers is that you can feed the same chick three different, ways and get three different products: on full feed for maximum growth in limited time; on limited feed over a longer time period; or, on a restricted feeding program to create new breeding stock.
A joint team of Japanese and American researchers has discovered that restricted feeding entrains the circadian clock in the liver, according to a report published in the Friday edition of U.S.

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