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n a chemical ingredient (potassium bromide) of photographic developing solution. Its function is to inhibit the fogging tendency of the solution. Like the activator, the restrainer also controls the rate of development.
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High restrainers did not remember more food cues after food-related thought suppression than did low restrainers.
Specifically, when restrainers consume more than they deem acceptable, they view themselves as failures with limited self-discipline.
Why should we be restrainers if the final battle is the purpose of historical development?
His great contribution was to use electrical stimulation to demonstrate the complexity of motion during grasp, pointing out that many muscles participate, some as direct motors, some as moderators, some as restrainers, and some as antagonists.
The purpose of the closures is for work including installation of cable and pipe restrainers, spokeswoman Judy Reynolds said.
Industry Overview II-1 Snowmobile Market - A Bird's Eye View II-1 Cyclical Growth Patterns II-2 Market Drivers for Industry Growth II-2 Market Restrainers II-3 Current and Future Analysis II-3 Unit Analysis II-3
The model numbers are located on a cloth tab attached to the bungee line restrainers at the end of the bars.
The report comprehensively lays out the market drivers and restrainers, market forecasts, leading companies and their strategies, as well as technologies and investment status, and risks and trends to help the reader make a balanced decision for investment.
Prepare a thorough stakeholder analysis, identifying possible drivers and restrainers of change, understanding prevailing power relations, and define the Project s approach related to strategic partnerships and cooperation.
It can be very important in photonic industry in order to produce optical restrainers," she said.
After the lethal injection, the 36-year-old struggled with his wrist restrainers in a last bid to give her the finger as he lay in the death chamber in Huntsville,Texas.
The report also comprehensively lays out the market drivers and restrainers, risks and trends, and leading companies and their strategies in order to help the reader make a balanced decision regarding their investment or involvement.