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Cardiology A multicenter trial–Randomized Efficacy Study of Tirofiban for Outcomes and REstenosis–to evaluate Aggrastat in Pts with unstable angina or acute MIs post-angioplasty. See Tirofiban.
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Q. What are the opportunities to restore gums? My gum on the lower jaw gets less and less, opening the roots of my teeth. Is there any technology or recurement to stop it and, hopefully, draw back?

A. Treatment of receding gums start with treating the cause - improving overall oral hygiene, including brushing habits (too powerful brushing may damage the gums), as well as periodic tooth cleaning at the dentist.

More sever situation may necessitate treatments done by a dentist. Consulting one may be wise.

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Finally, because both tape and disk libraries are vital parts of an organization's traditional backup and restore operation, customers should choose vendors who can deliver the highest levels of service and support.
Rapid Restoration: Many snapshot technologies do not facilitate rapid restores. Restores can take hours with even moderate amounts of data.
Backup system best practices include compression, accelerated backups and restores, cost advantages versus tape, verifiable recoverability and highly resilient storage, and simple and seamless integration with backup software.
The former requires backup and restore software, whereas the later requires disaster recovery software.
In day-to-day computer system management, the requirement to restore from a backup media, such as tape, online disk, UNC path, FTR CD-R, optical, etc., will more likely be to restore a strategic file that has become corrupted or accidentally deleted.
September 1999--Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V3.7 succeeds Tivoli ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) V3, and introduces new functions such as LAN-free archive and restore, enhanced usability, improved performance and SAN tape library sharing.
Two disaster recovery tests each year help confirm that, if needed, ATPCO IT staff can restore business operations from a remote location.
To understand how flawed restores occur, consider the following example of a backup cycle that begins with a lull backup and continues with daily incremental or differential backups.
With more than 920 stores in five countries, proceeds generated by Habitat for Humanity ReStores are used to help build homes, communities and hope locally and around the world.
CONTACT: Habitat for Humanity ReStores, (229)924-6935, restores.aspx.
If brick level backups are not performed, mailbox or message level restores can take many more hours.
At this rate, it will not be long before he restores "Iron Felix's" giant statue to Lubyanka Square, regardless of the level of opposition.