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Cardiology A multicenter trial–Randomized Efficacy Study of Tirofiban for Outcomes and REstenosis–to evaluate Aggrastat in Pts with unstable angina or acute MIs post-angioplasty. See Tirofiban.
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Q. What are the opportunities to restore gums? My gum on the lower jaw gets less and less, opening the roots of my teeth. Is there any technology or recurement to stop it and, hopefully, draw back?

A. Treatment of receding gums start with treating the cause - improving overall oral hygiene, including brushing habits (too powerful brushing may damage the gums), as well as periodic tooth cleaning at the dentist.

More sever situation may necessitate treatments done by a dentist. Consulting one may be wise.

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'Nothing has been removed or restored. However, our group has noticed a strategy intended to deceive the public."
as many residents started using the water as soon as the supply was restored at midnight on Saturday, causing the water pressure to be low and unstable,' he said.
In Albay, the local distribution utility, Albay Electric Cooperative Inc., has restored energy services to all but two towns and work is still ongoing, according to the National Electrification Administration.
Power supply from 132 KV Dargai, Chakdara, Timergara, Warai, Buner/ Daggar and Dir to adjacent areas has already been restored, the release added.
Only Akdamar Church was restored. Churches in Carpanak Island and Yukaribakracli village will also be restored with the project prepared by us," Berk said.
"An action that has been marked off the trial calendar, whether by consent of the parties or stricken by the court, which is not restored to the calendar within one year, may only be restored thereafter if the plaintiff demonstrates, inter alia, a meritorious cause of action and a reasonable excuse for the delay in moving to restore the case (see Kaufman v Bauer, 8 Misc 3d 60 [App Term, 1st Dept 2005], revd on other grounds 36 AD3d 481 [2007]; see generally Uniform Rules for Trial Courts [22 NYCRR] [section] 208.14 [c]; Goldstein v Block, 7 AD3d 669 [2004]).
The Duchess of Hamilton locomotive, which was built in 1938, has been restored by Birmingham craftsmen to feature in the museum.
the depot packs the MKT with new or restored cabinets and the MKT Improvement (MKT-I) Kit.
Though the company's reputation is based on their brownstone work, they have restored close to 100 different types of buildings--a large percentage of them landmarked--throughout the tri-state region.
With this growth in importance comes an increasingly daunting challenge for IT administrators--ensuring that in the event of errors or failures, email can be recovered and restored as soon as possible.
Bartimaeus, on the other hand, is an exemplar of faithfulness because, when Jesus restored his sight, he "immediately followed him on the way" (10:52).