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Cardiology A multicenter trial–Randomized Efficacy Study of Tirofiban for Outcomes and REstenosis–to evaluate Aggrastat in Pts with unstable angina or acute MIs post-angioplasty. See Tirofiban.

Patient discussion about RESTORE

Q. What are the opportunities to restore gums? My gum on the lower jaw gets less and less, opening the roots of my teeth. Is there any technology or recurement to stop it and, hopefully, draw back?

A. Treatment of receding gums start with treating the cause - improving overall oral hygiene, including brushing habits (too powerful brushing may damage the gums), as well as periodic tooth cleaning at the dentist.

More sever situation may necessitate treatments done by a dentist. Consulting one may be wise.

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Restore 12X Sealers contains 12X the thickness of ordinary sealers and offers long-term water repellency, protecting against cracking, splitting and warping and its mildew and algae-resistant coating keeps wood free of ugly mildew stains.
If the computer still does not work properly, you can from System Restore and select an earlier date and repeat the process.
Clicking on the Settings button lets you control how much disk space to reserve for restore point history (figure 2).
But we are providing rehab services to many more residents than before the RESTORE program was implemented, so we haven't reduced our therapy staff.
Then, in 1994, the state of Florida passed the Everglades Forever Act, which primarily deals with water quality issues, and established a planning process to restore the publicly owned lands of the Everglades.
To determine if this allocation causes a deficit balance in excess of the partner's obligation to restore the deficit, the extent of A's unconditional obligation to make a contribution to the partnership must be determined.
In Colorado, restore water quality at a Denver watershed, home to bald eagle winter roost sites.
We thought it was entirely possible to remove the dam, restore the valley, and provide water and power at least equal to what comes out of [the Tuolumne River] now--if only [San Francisco] would operate the river system properly," says Donald Hodel, then Secretary of the Interior under President Ronald Reagan.
Inherent issues with tape--in particular, issues with data streaming (on the backup side) and multiplexing (on the restore side), as well as ongoing issues with drive and media reliability, and the increasing affordability and availability of SATA-based disk backup options, have led many users recently to re-evaluate their existing backup and recovery procedures and implement disk--either as virtual tape, as a disk backup/recovery target, or as a host-based option.